humane animal rescue team

Dave and I got to meet Sedona a couple times now. As part of hart's medical team we get to meet dog's when they first come into care. This allows us to see the transformation both physically as well as behaviourally. Sedona was a stray and recently had a litter of puppies that sadly froze to death.

those sweet brown eyes

The first time we met Sedona she was shy and cautious. It was at her intake and she had just came into hart's care. Overall she was in good shape but would need some love and time to learn that people were not scary.

Fast forward around a month and we met her again at her Foster Home for her photos. She was a bit nervous at first but the overall progress was wonderful. Dave brought out the treats and she was immediately interested. To my surprise she sat like an angel and was very focused on Dave. She wanted to trust and move forward. This girl will for sure love whoever adopts her and I imagine she will be a loyal best friend.

Earning a dog's trust is priceless

Sedona will be looking for her forever home soon. She has been medically cleared and is just waiting on her official behavioural clearance. Her Foster Home feels she will do best in a home with another dog who is a positive influence and will help her continue to make positive progress. Sedona deserves to put her past behind her and begin a new chapter of life where she is spoiled, loved, and not living as a stray.

If you or anyone you know is interested in more information on Sedona, keep an eye on hart's website and/or their Facebook page.