hart edmonton foster dog

Quidditch came into hart's care October 2018 from the ASNTF. He was just a wee little pup and was suffering from mange. He was treated and now has a beautiful coat. He also has some digestive complications which are likely caused by IBS. He is on special vet kibble as well as daily medication to keep him tummy happy.

I honestly cannot believe Quidditch is still up for adoption. He is the sweetest boy and is wonderful with other dogs. He is a little nervous at times, but heck, are we not all?

Foster Mom for the win

As with most long term Foster Dogs, Quidditch is in a wonderful Foster Home. She has cared for him since he first came into hart's care. Having a dedicated and committed home for rescue dogs is so valuable. Hart has been able to learn what Quidditch needs as his Foster Mom knows him best.

With his special diet and meds Quidditch's care costs around $300. There has to be a perfect home out there for him though. We just have to find it for him!

capturing his true personality

Dave and I wanted to help show the world what a wonderful boy Quidditch is. Knowing he can be shy and a little nervous, I reached out to his Foster Mom and asked if she was comfortable meeting at an off leash park. I knew that she had taken him in the past and I was hopeful it would be a good chance to capture him a little more care free.

watching Quidditch was an absolute delight

Dave and I had not been to a dog park in a long time. I forgot the joy it brings seeing so many dogs running around having a great time. It also was so cool to see a side of Quidditch we had not seen before. He was so happy and care free. He is such a graceful dog who also kept an eye on his Foster Mom while he was running around, a wonderful trait for a dog to have.

help get quidditch adopted

People often wonder why Foster Homes don't just adopt a dog if it is doing well with them. The truth is rescues are always in desperate need of Foster Homes. Without open homes dogs are not able to be brought in. Foster Homes are the key to saving dogs in need. When dogs are adopted this opens a Foster Home allowing another dog to take its place.

It is hard for a Foster Home to let their Foster Dog go, but they do it out of love.

How can you help Quidditch get adopted? It really is easy. You can share information on him. Be an advocate for adopting dogs. If you know someone looking for a dog, tell them all the wonderful things about adopting. Knowledge is power!

For more information on Quidditch, you can check out his profile by clicking here.