humane animal rescue team

Over the years the amount of volunteer photography we do for hart has decreased. This most defiantly is not because we have stepped back from volunteering though. Being active members of the Medical Team as well as taking care of hart's Instagram page has taken up a lot of my time. I do miss the photography side of volunteering with hart though so I try to squeeze in a session or two every few months. Luckily hart has some amazing volunteer photographers helping out more regularly.

meeting Koda for the first time

Often we first meet the dogs we later photograph at hart's medical nights. It is one of the perks that comes with being on the Medical Team. I cannot lie, the bully breeds stand out for sure. We met Koda at his intake and I immediately fell in love and wanted to do his photos. He has a giant boulder of a head and a wiggle bum to go along with it. I reached out afterwards and asked if we would be able to do his adoption photos. Once getting assigned to do his photos we decided to wait a couple weeks. Koda had a porcupine quill that was working it's way out and had created a bit of an abscess. We wanted to make sure we captured him looking his best! Plus we had a bit of time as he still needed to get neutered.

he loves his humans

It is always interesting to arrive at a Foster Home and see how the dog acts. I always try to capture them being themselves but that can be hard in the limited time. Koda is absolutely a dog who loves people. He wants to be with his Humans all the time. We also learned that he was very good with the resident cats. This was an unexpected perk which definitely will help him get adopted faster.

I personally think Koda will get adopted pretty quick. He has a lovely personality and is such a handsome boy. I suppose only time will tell as at this moment he is still not officially cleared for adoption. It is always nice to hear when a dog moves into his forever home, especially when it was a dog you photographed.