Floral Crowns

Crafting floral crowns has been a lot of fun and is a wonderful creative outlet. I have to give Sophie Gamand credit for being the first professional photographer I saw using them in her work. She is a total inspiration. Not only is creating the crowns fun, watching an owner's face when their dog is wearing one is pretty amazing too. Floral crowns are not for everyone, but we are up for the challenge if you are too! They can range from easy to hard depending on the size and when an "expert level" crown is pulled off successfully it is a magical site to see. Over the years we have had the opportunity to photograph other types of pets wearing crowns and we love the outcome! I mean, who doesn't love a goat in a flower crown?!

We would love to take credit for all these beautiful crowns but the truth is many have been made by our dear friends at Titan and Ellie to the Rescue. They graciously allow us to borrow them and have a very extensive collection.

Floral Crowns can be added to any session. Contact us for more information!