the people behind living through the lens

As many of you probably know by now, our names are Sarah and David. To put it simply, I (Sarah) am the one behind the camera while Dave is the irreplaceable dog handler. Dave is not always present for volunteer and personal work which is why at times I write solely from my point of view.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect person to professionally do photography with. Dave has a very deep understanding of dog behaviour and it is priceless during sessions. Aside from the obvious benefits of having another person present, Dave is a knowledgeable second set of eyes. He catches things I overlook as well as provides logical suggestions. Drawing a client's attention towards the camera is sometimes very challenging, but knowing Dave has it under control allows me to fully focus on the camera work.

we are dog people

Dave and I have been together since the end of 2005. Shortly after getting together we got Oscar, our first dog. We added our second dog Charlie to our family in 2011. While I could write an entire book on our lives with our dogs, I will save that for another day. We lost Oscar to Cancer in 2019 and it was one of the hardest things we have gone through. My heart broke in a way that I had never felt before and didn't know was possible. In 2018 we welcomed a "short term Foster" into our lives. He was a medical mess and was at the time recovering from TPLO surgery. Fast forward and Dragon is still with us and will likely live out his life as part of our family.

We volunteer... a lot

If you know Dave and I personally it probably seems like we are always volunteering on our spare time and that is not far from the truth. Back in 2013 we joined Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart) as volunteer photographers. Since then we have joined the medical team, are a Foster Home to Dragon, and I help out with Social Media. In 2016 I started volunteering with Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement (FARRM). I am so lucky to be able to go out there and photograph such an amazing place. The last ongoing volunteer commitment I have is with the ladies of Titan and Ellie to the Rescue. They support local rescues by hosting fundraisers and donating the money raised to them. Many of the fundraisers include a photography aspect and that is where I come in.

On top of our larger ongoing commitments mentioned above, we have worked with countless other groups as well. Some of these exciting opportunities have been:

  • Providing the images for the Edmonton Humane Society's 2020 calendar which can be purchased HERE.
  • I have photographed Muttstock for the last couple years which is always a blast!
  • I have had the absolute honour of attending and photographing Dogs with Wings's Annual Graduation Celebration for the last couple years thanks to Erin of Pawsitive Tails Photography.