Teann and Lamora

This session was a special one for us. Not only did we get to photograph the beautiful Teann and her horse Lamora, but we stepped outside our comfort zone and learned a lot. I also was super nervous going into it because if you are an Edmontonian and follow local Pet Photographers there is a good chance you know Teann's name. She has been a Photographer that I admire and respect for years. Her work is absolutely stunning and she is unbelievably talented. When she reached out to me asking if I would photograph her with Lamora I swear I almost fell out of my seat, ha ha. Once I was able to wrap my head around the fact that one of my favourite Photographers just reached out to us, I realized that I had very little experience with horses in general. We chatted some and agreed to give it a go!

Teann is a super kind individual so working with her was lovely. She helped coach us through working with horses and was patient as I wrapped my head around photographing a horse. I found myself a few times having to back waaay up as I kept forgetting this was no dog we were taking photos of... horses are BIG! Dave also had to try a few new tricks when trying to get Lamora's attention. Getting both ears up and in the right direction was also something new to learn.

At the end of the day we left feeling great. It felt so good to try something new and work with Teann. Watching her relationship with Lamora was also really special. I was able to deliver her final photos recently and was so happy to know they were well received. I felt there was a nice balance of images that captured a range of emotions such as love, admiration, and some humour as well. David and myself are truly honoured we got this opportunity and hope you enjoy the photos below.