September 2019

Look at that adorable squishy face!

It belongs to a sweet gal named Duchess. We had met Duchess once before through volunteer work and had fallen in love with her. Duchess's Mom had recently received some hard news from her Vet and wanted to make sure she had photos done. No-one ever wants to hear the word Cancer, it is truly heartbreaking. Knowing we were asked to be involved in such emotional times is a true honour.

When we were asked to come out and photograph Duchess we were heartbroken to hear that a small tumour had been found during a recent exam. We made arrangements to go out to their place as soon as we could. Duchess had lost some weight since we saw her last but she was still her sweet loving self. This is always a relief knowing they are still feeling somewhat like themselves and that we can hopefully capture that. We were able to get out before Duchess went for surgery to have the tumour removed.


Our visit was wonderful.

Aside from the reason we were there for photos, the visit was great. We got to spend time with Duchess and see her enjoying life at her home. Duchess and her Mom have a very special and strong bond and we hope we were able to capture that in the photos. The mutual love was beautiful to witness.

when times are tough, try to smile and laugh.

the relief of good news

Once a session is done, Dave and I continue to think of our clients. We often wonder how they are doing and in cases like this, are praying for a positive outcome. Duchess has an amazing Mom who knew something wasn't right. She booked an appointment with her Vet and as a result the cancer was found early on. This likely saved her life. They were able to fully remove the tumour so chemo and / or radiation was not necessary.

Please, if you notice something is off with your pet, take them in as soon as you can. It can save their life.

This past January Duchess had a followup ultrasound and no signs of Cancer were found. We were so happy for Duchess, her Mom and Dad, and her fur siblings. We hope Duchess can live many more happy years surrounded by the love she deserves.